Enhance Your ID Card Printing with the EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 LED SIMPLEX EXPERT Single Sided Printer


When it comes to high-quality and efficient ID card printing, the EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 LED SIMPLEX EXPERT Single Sided Printer stands out as a top choice for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations. This printer combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to deliver professional results.

Key Features

  • LED technology for enhanced print quality
  • Single-sided printing for streamlined efficiency
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity for seamless integration
  • Expert mode for advanced customization options

Enhanced Print Quality

The EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 LED SIMPLEX EXPERT Printer utilizes LED technology to ensure crisp and vibrant prints with every card. Whether you're printing employee IDs, student badges, or membership cards, the printer delivers superior results that reflect positively on your organization.

Efficiency and Connectivity

With its single-sided printing capability, the EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 printer optimizes the printing process, making it ideal for medium to high-volume card production. The USB and Ethernet connectivity options allow for easy setup and integration into your existing network, ensuring seamless operation.

Expert Mode for Customization

For users looking to take their card printing to the next level, the Expert mode offers advanced customization options. From fine-tuning print settings to integrating encoding features, this mode provides the flexibility needed to meet specific requirements.


The EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 LED SIMPLEX EXPERT Single Sided Printer is a powerful tool for enhancing your ID card printing capabilities. With its innovative technology, efficiency, and customization options, this printer is a valuable asset for any organization looking to create professional and secure identification cards.